Monday, May 3, 2010

My new Etsy shop!

I finally did it! I put some of the things I have knitted up on an Etsy shop! The address is I am very excited! I don't have everything up yetx, so just hang in there and I will have more up. If nothing else, I have at least proven to myself that I am capable of doing it! Anyhow, Just thought I would let everyone know! Please stop by and visit my site sometime!


  1. Your scarf with a hood is AWESOME!!!! I love it!!! Seriously beautiful!
    And I think you shoudl keep the new scarf for yourself since you haven't kept anything for yourself :) Besides taking care of a sick baby is hard work even if mama came!
    You didn't leave a blog address on Mommy2Nanny3Doggy1 but found this one on your profile :)
    Thanks for your comment I knew I wasnt crazy lol... Weird weird school/teachers at that joint! lol
    Hope you come back soon we are getting our own .com (hopefully this weekend) and a whole NEW look! :)

  2. how exciting to have your own shop, I will go check it out right now :)as I love knitted things

    Tanesha x