Friday, April 30, 2010

Introducing 13 Plum Knitted Creation, and me!

Unfortunately, this is not the first blog I have started. It is, however, going to be the only one I truly attempt to write on consistently, and more than once! Let me introduce myself! I am a SAHM, and love every minute of it! I have two beautiful children, ages 7 and 15 months. I have been married to a wonderful man for 4.5 years. He is truly my best friend. I own a daycare in my home, and care for two other children each day. Between 7 and 5 each day, I care for 3 children, all under the age of 2.5! There is never a dull moment! In addition to all that, I knit. I knit to the point that it could consider it an obsession. Because I had so much STUFF laying around, I decided to start selling the things I had created. Its been such a blessing! Currently, I have my things in a local store. I also hope to start going to craft shows. My maternal grandmother did this same thing when she was alive, and she is one of my heros. She was one of my best friends, and biggest cheerleaders. I loved her very much!
I consider myself to be a new type of feminist. Not a bra-burning, equal rights feminist, but one who embraces and truly enjoys serving her family. One who considers her husband the head of the household. One who provides for her family frugally. I guess you could say my goal is to be the stereotypical 1950's housewife. I truly think my husband respects me more now, as a SAHM than he did when I was working full time as an insurance rep.
I am a Christian. I go to First Presbyterian Church currently, although I have never been one to associate myself with denominations. I hate that. Christ calls us to be followers of HIM, not a church. I have a relationship with my Lord, and try to live my life in a manner that would please Him. If you do not believe the same way as me, that is fine! I am not judgemental in anyway. I will accept anyone, regardless of beliefs, and only ask you do the same of me. These days it seems its ok to be accepting of any belief system, religion or lifestyle, except Christianity.
Please follow along with me! I can't guarantee every post will be riveting. Infact, some days it may just be me complaining about how many dirty diapers I change in a day. Of course, there will be days when it might be really neat! At any rate, please feel free to leave comments! I look forward to getting to know people! Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm really enjoying reading your blog. I'm getting to know you all over again. The first time as a teenager, and now as a young woman. You are right that you should nap when the kiddos nap. Taking good care of yourself should also be a priority for you. Love ya, Judy

  2. Hey Plum! I saw your comment on Christie Cottage Blog and had to come over and say Hi. You live in what used to be "my backyard. I was raised in Lubbock and also spent a lot of time in Amarillo. As a matter of fact, my husband and I lived in Amarillo for over 5 years back in the 90's We left at the end of 2000 and moved to Comanche. You want to talk heat, We are in the worst drought since 1887. We have had over 30 days straight of ABOVE 100 degrees. It got up to 116 degrees at a friend's house on their front porch, so I sympathize with you about the heat.

    I admire you for being able to take care of little ones all day. I guess it's because I have never been blessed with children so it's not hard for them to start getting on my nerves. LOL! I'm always kidding with people at church. We don't have a nursery, so the parents have no choice but to have their children with them during the services. I don't mind it so much until a little one starts screaming bloody murder and the parents just sit there. They don't show enough courtesy to the congregation or the pastor for that matter to take the child to the rest room or outside until they calm down or get their problem solved. Don't get me wrong the little one can't help it they don't know any better, but the parents do. That and after church they let their young children run around in the sanctuary like its a playground, running into people stepping on peoples feet and so on. I get aggravated at the parents for not teaching their children better. I'm always "half kidding" with people saying "if that were my child, they would get their rear smacked or some other advice. I tell them "I can say these things because I'm an authority. I've never had kids! Then I laugh it off. All the while I'm thinking I've never had kids, but a person doesn't have to raise children to understand the words consideration and respect. Oh well, I don't know what got me on that tear! LOL! I do admire you though. Of course you are still very young and have children of your own. I'm sure that makes a difference. I'm a 57 year old "barren" woman. God bless,