Friday, September 3, 2010

Another Attempt!

I am goign to make another attempt at writing consistently! The only way I will be able to is if I stick to a schedule, which as of late is proving impossible! I guess when you have 5 children under the age of 3 with you each day that is understandable!

I am beginning my winter knitting. For you, that means all my summer knitting on my Etsy site is 30% off, because I need to clear the space for all the new, cool stuff that is coming! I am currently working on a really pretty scarf and hat pattern called "Classy in Cable." Its simple but super classy scarf, with one cable running up the middle, in a pale yellow. I am struggling on whether to sell this or keep it for myself! (It occured to me that in all the years of my knitting, I have never made anything for myself!)

A portion of all my hat and scarf sales is also going to be donated to the Marine Corps' Toys for Tots program.

Interruption! In the middle of writing, one of my sweet little daycare boys got sick. Poor little thing. He went from fine to 101.2 fever in about 5 minutes. I hate when my little ones don't feel well! Mommy came to get him, now the rest are laying down for nap! My most favorite time of day! If I were a smart mommy, I would lay down and rest, too. Too much to do! Scarfs to knit, kitchen to clean, scarfs to knit......who cleans when there is knitting to be done?!

Off to knit!